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Lisa Iannuzziello
Occupational Therapist
MScOT McMaster University
BScH Life Sciences Queen’s Unversity

I am an Occupational Therapist with ADHD. As someone who was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, I understand the challenges of navigating mental health services and academic spaces without tailored ADHD support. I started Beyond Boundaries to create a safe and accountable space to support others to feel well and overcome challenges.

I offer occupational therapy services, ADHD coaching, and academic support. If you have a formal diagnosis of ADHD and/or you feel overwhelmed with daily tasks, reach out to me for a consultation to see if my services are a good fit for you.


This is a common question because OT can look quite different depending on the practice setting!

The main purpose of occupational therapy is to support clients to be able to engage in their daily activities or “function”. This can be things like developing routines, completing household chores, doing work or school tasks, and many many more.

In order to overcome barriers to functioning, OTs use a range of tools to support clients. This may be through physical, cognitive, neurological, or mental health approaches - with the overall goals always being related to day-to-day functioning.

OTs consider the activity itself, the person’s environment, and all health factors when assessing and developing an intervention plan. This unique and holistic approach allows OTs to work with people of all ages and in a variety of places (e.g., hospitals, schools, clinics, and long-term care to name a few!).

If you are interested in OT services for ADHD, and/or mental health OT, check out our Services page to learn how we can support you.

Yes! We offer services for children and teens who are able to (and thrive!) in a virtual setting.

This may look like services for emotional regulation, self-esteem, and psychoeducation on ADHD brains. Other services may be academic support and improving skills such as organization, task initiation, and time management. Parent/caregiver sessions are also available to provide equipment recommendations and sensory strategies for neurodivergent children. Check out our Services page to learn more.

If in-person services are a better fit for your child/ family, we can help connect you to an OT in your area.

Yes! If you have extended health insurance, be sure to check if there is coverage for registered occupational therapists. After each session you will receive a detailed invoice to submit to your insurer for reimbursement.

Yes! If you do not have insurance, and you self-identify as economically vulnerable, or are facing financial barriers, please reach out for a negotiated rate within your means.

No, diagnostic ADHD assessments are outside the scope of occupational therapy. However OT assessments can often inform steps in the diagnostic/ treatment processes for family physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, and academic institutions. Additionally, OTs are often recommended after receiving a diagnosis as a resource for individuals with ADHD. Refer to our Services page to learn how a mental health OT can support you.

Without a formal ADHD diagnosis, you can still access and benefit greatly from tailored services!

In our sessions, we will work on treating the symptoms - so that means what you experience day-to-day. The overall goal will be helping you feel well and function (whatever that looks like for you!)