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Learn about mental health OT services

OT can help manage mental health symptoms and reduce their impact on daily life, using approaches such as behavioural activation or challenging unhelpful thinking patterns.

Individuals with ADHD often experience comorbidities such as anxiety and depression. Customized support, recognizing distinctive features of the ADHD brain, is crucial in addressing and managing these comorbid symptoms.

ADHD also poses challenges for emotional regulation, especially in developing minds. OTs can aid in building emotional regulation skills while supporting parents and caregivers in co-regulation.

Lastly, undiagnosed ADHD can frequently lead to mental health challenges as individuals navigate society without accommodations or a proper understanding of their brain. Whether the diagnosis is recent, suspected, or long-standing, psychoeducation about ADHD is a powerful tool to build self esteem and readiness for behaviour change.

Individuals with ADHD often experience challenges in an area that health care providers refer to as “executive functions”.

This may look like forgetting or losing things, interrupting, challenges with focusing and starting tasks, trouble multitasking, and more.

These challenges frequently disrupt daily tasks. Tailored ADHD services can assist you to implement personalized tools, strategies, and changes to make daily life feel easier for you.

Expectations in our current education system may pose challenges for neurodivergent brains. Creating systems of organization and using strategies that work for you (or your child), are crucial for academic success.

Support services with accommodation processeses (including formal assessments and form completion) are available. Accommodations play a vital role in supporting the wellbeing of students with ADHD in our education system.

Sleep and physical wellbeing significantly influence the impact of mental health symptoms. Additionally, they play a vital role in the ability to carry out tasks involving focusing, inhibition, organization, and working memory (known as executive functions). OT services can assist you in establishing routines that promote sleep hygiene and maintain physical health.

CBT is an evidenced based approach to manage symptoms of mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. CBT focuses on building awareness of how thoughts can influence feelings, and as a result affect behaviours. ADHD brains can also benefit from building awareness of unhelpful thought patterns that lead to unwanted emotions and behaviours that pose challenges for functioning. Questioning and replacing unhelpful thoughts with more balanced thoughts, is at the root of improving mood and behaviour changes. Using CBT-informed approaches, OT services can work with you to understand how your thought patterns affect daily life.


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